Find Out Your Inner Self By A Dark Room Retreat!

Tue 01 August 2017

When the cacophony of this world overwhelms you, haven’t you thought how peaceful it would be to withdraw into a dark shell? Such a beautiful concept exists for real in Hridaya Yoga. Under this perspective, there is nothing to be afraid of darkness! Darkness helps to find out yourselves. It trains you how to lean on yourself for peace. If you are in search of unique experiences, then dark room retreats are the best options for you!

In love with darkness

The world is getting busier day by day. Everyone is in their rush towards something or the other. Inner peace is something we all lose in our never ending hurry! According to some reports in, the lifestyle of people has changed tremendously in the recent years; especially after the invention of smartphones. It is necessary to detach yourself from everything and communicate with your soul once in awhile. The dark retreat is similar to a deep sleep; the whole outside world vanishes, and it is just you and your mind.

Have you ever thought why the light is used everywhere to illustrate God? As per Hridaya perspective, the typical ‘God is light' comment is not the reason behind this. It is because we humans are afraid of darkness. The dark retreat works on the principle that if you can fall in love with darkness, then you can overcome the fear of everything including the fear of death. Once there is no fear, then what is left back is complete relaxation. The dark retreat is a total surrender; it is a melting in.

How to approach it practically?

While in a Dark Retreat, you should follow some meditations with open eyes and some with closed eyes. It is also very important not to let ourselves be lost in imagery. Thus you can develop the ability to perceive any emotion that may occur.

In the past, Dark Retreat was practiced by advanced practitioners belonging to the lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The duration of their retreat ranged from a few hours to even years. According to historians; Mayans and Egyptians also used to follow these practice. For beginners, Dark Retreats which last more than seven days are not recommended.


You should get sufficient sleep in the days before going for a Dark Retreat. It will be good to have lengthy meditation sessions as well.

During Dark Retreat, you can keep your schedule like that of Hridaya Silent Retreat which is similar. But this is just a suggestion and does not imply that you must do it. Following a very strict schedule may hamper the actual purpose of the retreat.

Don’t worry about boredom which is related to human eagerness for stimulants. You won't usually feel the requirement for stimulants because, the awareness and in depth relaxation that the Dark Retreat provides wipes out such thoughts.

Your sub consciousness gets off loaded just like how your various impressions get offloaded through dreams at night. The Perfect darkness absorbs many of your mysterious trends and your inner fears and creates the awareness of your own self!